Accusation #11: Engages in Selective Citation
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Atkins "Best Evidence" Contradicts Their Position
"Does a high-fat diet cause breast cancer?" Your website responds: "Just the opposite--the right kinds of dietary fat may help prevent it. The best evidence for this comes from Harvard's ongoing Nurses' Health Study. In 1992 this long-running study of more than 100,000 women showed no connection between the amount or type of dietary fat they ate and their risk of getting breast cancer."

We agree that the Harvard Nurses' Health Studies represent the best evidence. It was, in fact, those very studies that showed in 2003 that young women with the highest intake of red meat and butterfat had over a 75% greater risk of developing breast cancer.[923]

It's true that total fat consumption has not been convincingly linked to cancer risk, but this is because researchers weren't taking into account the difference between animal fats and vegetable fats. There is evidence that some types of plant fat, like olive oil, may protect against breast cancer. So there are indeed "right kinds of dietary fat," but the saturated fat pushed by Atkins is the wrong kind.[924]

In the Nurses' Health Study that followed nearly 100,000 pre-menopausal women, Harvard researchers separated out the animal fat and found that pre-menopausal women who consumed the most saturated animal fat had a significantly greater chance of developing breast cancer. They conclude "Intake of animal fat, mainly from red meat and high-fat dairy foods, during pre-menopausal years is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer."[923]

In a University of Cambridge study published the same week, researchers found that women reportedly eating 34 grams of saturated fat a day seemed to roughly double their breast cancer risk compared to women who ate only 11 grams of saturated fat.[925] Followers of your diet, as reported in a "Research Supporting Atkins" study on your website, eat as many as 67 grams of saturated fat a day.[926]
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