Accusation #1: Ignores "the overwhelming weight of the evidence"
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Atkins Cherry-Picks an "Overwhelming Weight" of 34 Studies
In fact, as documented on the Atkins website (, there are currently no fewer than thirty-four studies demonstrating the weight loss and other health benefits -- and absence of adverse health effects -- of a low-carbohydrate diet.

Thirty-four studies is your "overwhelming weight of evidence"? There are literally hundreds of published reports on low-carbohydrate diets,[545] and you can only find 34 that support your position?

There are also, for example, "no fewer than thirty-four studies demonstrating weight-loss and other health benefits" of cigarette smoking.[546-579] There are also 34 studies showing benefits from thalidomide.[580-613]

Just because the Philip Morris Corporation can wave around more than a hundred[614] studies showing health benefits from smoking, this doesn't mean that smoking is good for you. What it means is that one can cherry-pick data to argue almost any position. This is a classic tobacco corporation tactic.[615]

On your website one can indeed find a list of 34 studies downplaying the risks of the Atkins Diet. But if you go to the website of the Asbestos Institute you can find 34 studies downplaying the risks of asbestos.[616] Or to a chemical manufacturer's website and find 34 studies that downplay the risk[617] of arsenic treated wood for children's playgrounds[618] (a practice now banned by the EPA).[619] On a website supported by pesticide makers[620] you can find no fewer than 34 studies downplaying the risks of DDT.[621]

Similarly, you have a billion-dollar financial stake in your product, the Atkins Diet. Like tobacco, asbestos and chemical companies, you seem to be willing to distort the scientific record by cherry-picking statistics to produce the illusion that the balance of evidence is on your side.

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