Atkins Claims the Atkins Diet Could Prevent Breast Cancer Too
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Atkins Claims the Atkins Diet Could Prevent Breast Cancer Too
Your website also claims that "doing Atkins is the ideal way"[888] to control breast cancer risk. "A controlled carb way of eating almost automatically lowers your risk of breast cancer."[889] Eating over a half cup of lard's worth of saturated fat[890,891] every day is an "ideal way" to prevent breast cancer?

Your website claims "Saturated fat, the kind found in meat, butter, cheese and other animal foods as well as tropical oils, hasn't been shown to have any effect on your risk of breast cancer--whether positive or negative."[892] To support this claim the Atkins website cites an article published in 1997 which, upon review, doesn't address the topic at all.[893]

Although your website claims that "At Atkins Nutritionals we pride ourselves on bringing you the most accurate, well-researched information on every topic we cover...,"[894] it seems that you are not, in fact, citing articles accurately.

The most comprehensive report ever published on diet and cancer in history, reviewing thousands of studies,[896] concluded that diets high in saturated fat were linked to breast cancer.[897] A re-review of the topic in 2003 came to the same conclusion.[898] And September 2004 brought us yet another systematic meta-analysis of published studies[899,900] which showed once again that saturated fat intake is indeed "associated with an increased risk of breast cancer."[901]
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