Atkins Facts - Accusation #11: Engages in Selective Citation
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Atkins Claims the Atkins Diet Could Prevent Colon Cancer
You seem to disagree with the American Cancer Society's assessment. Dr. Atkins was asked, for example, if "a lot of red meat could cause colon cancer." He replied that there was "very little evidence to support the viewpoint." [878] On your official website, an Atkins co-author even states that "a controlled carbohydrate eating plan could be a valuable way to help prevent colorectal cancer."[879]

Why then does the American Cancer Society say that "consumption of meat--especially red meats--has been linked to cancers at several sites, most notably colon and prostate?"[880] Is the American Cancer Society merely omitting studies that "contradict" their conclusion?

As documented in the Cancer section, studies at Harvard and elsewhere involving tens of thousands of women and men have shown that regular meat consumption may increase colon cancer risk as much as 300 percent.[881,882] As one Harvard School of Public Health researcher noted, because of its meat content, two years on the Atkins Diet "could initiate a cancer. It could show up as a polyp in 7 years and as colon cancer in ten."[883]

So as to avoid the risk of selective citation, however, let us consult the latest reviews of the evidence. A review in 2002 concluded that the "preponderance" of evidence "suggests that minimizing red meat intake would result in decreased risk of this cancer [colorectal cancer]."[884] According to a consensus statement by some of the top cancer researchers in the world, red meat consumption may be related to prostate cancer as well.[885]

The only review since was published in 2004.[886] In direct contradiction to Dr. Atkins' statement, researchers at Harvard, Oxford and the National Cancer Institute once again reviewed the available evidence and agreed that eating "a lot of red meat" probably does indeed increase one's risk for colon and rectal cancer.[887]
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