Atkins Exaggerates the Benefit of Lowering Triglycerides
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Atkins Exaggerates the Benefit of Lowering Triglycerides
You claim that triglycerides are as big a threat--or an even bigger threat--to heart health than cholesterol.[985] This is demonstrably false.[986]

Every leading authority--the American Dietetic, Diabetes, Heart, Hospital, Nurses, Public Health and Medical Associations, the American Colleges of Cardiology, Nutrition and Preventive Medicine--all agree that LDL cholesterol is the single most important target for preventing heart disease.[987]

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute coordinates a coalition of more than 40 major medical and health associations, community programs, and governmental agencies whose 27 member Expert Panel took nearly 2 years to develop the latest guidelines for the prevention of heart disease.[988] "For all persons with borderline high or high triglycerides," the guidelines state, "the primary aim of therapy is to achieve the target goal for LDL cholesterol."[989]

Elevated triglycerides may not even be an independent risk factor for heart disease.[990] "There are little data," concludes one review, "that triglyceride reduction improves cardiovascular event rate."[991] This is why the Expert Panel concentrates on lowering LDL cholesterol levels, an intervention proven to extend life and lower the risk of heart attacks. Yes, the Atkins Diet can consistently reduce triglyceride levels, but even according to your own researchers, the same cannot be said for the most important risk factor, LDL cholesterol.[992] This may be why after just months on your diet, people's arteries have been shown to clog so rapidly.[993]
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