Accusation #11: Engages in Selective Citation
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Atkins Was Fifty Years Behind Medical Science
The Atkins Director of Education and Research is convinced that "Researchers at Harvard and elsewhere have made it plain that trans fatty acids have been a killer since the 1930s..."[918] Yet the 1972 Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution recommended "unlimited" quantities of vegetable shortening,[919] the single the most concentrated source of trans fatty acids in the food supply.[920]

Dr. Atkins is painted as a "Pioneer and Innovator."[921] Though it was "plain" that trans fats were a killer "since the 1930s" it took Dr. Atkins until the 1980's before he finally took a position against them.[922]
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Atkins Facts:
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> Faulty Science
> Short-Term Side Effects
> All Long-Term Studies on Atkins a Wash
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