Accusation #2: Ignores the 34 Studies "Supporting Atkins"
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Others Were Published in a Journal Founded by an Atkins Spokesman
In fact, as documented on the Atkins website (, there are currently no fewer than thirty-four studies demonstrating the weight loss and other health benefits -- and absence of adverse health effects -- of a low carbohydrate diet.

The remaining studies were published in peer-reviewed journals. Four of these "peer-reviewed" studies, however, were published in a journal we had never heard of called "Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders." When we couldn't find it in Harvard's medical library, which boasts 26,000 serial titles,[670] or indeed anywhere in the medical mecca of Boston, we became curious.

We called the publisher. We asked them if in fact a single medical library in the country carried their journal. They confirmed that Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. had an active subscription, but that the only medical library that seemed to carry their journal, they said, was one in Alabama.[671] We checked. They don't.[672]

In fact, the journal isn't even indexed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine's Index Medicus[673] or any of the other major medical databases, which contain over 12,000 titles.[674] We clearly had more detective work to do.

It turns out the journal was founded by Dr. Eric Freedland, a member[676] and self-described representative of THINCS, THe International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics.[677] The Cholesterol Skeptics deny that cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart disease.

One medical journal editorial entitled "Cholesterol Myth Club on Par with Flat Earth Society" reads "as mixed up as Flat Earth Society members obviously are, at least you can laugh their dumb idea off, and if you want to believe the Earth is flat, this view is not going to cause serious problems like... coronary artery disease."[678]

Dr. Eric Freedland, founder and still Associate Editor of Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders,[679] has not only been a featured speaker at conferences sponsored by the Atkins Foundation[680] but reportedly was the president of your Atkins At Home program,[681] where followers spend a thousand dollars a month to get Atkins meals delivered to their door.[682] Dr. Freedland has also been reportedly listed as one of your official spokesmen.[683]

Is it a coincidence that the journal "dedicated its premiere issue to the life's work of Dr. Atkins?"[684] The Atkins issue was organized by Dr. Freedland,[685] who wrote the issue's "Tribute to Robert C. Atkins, M.D." and dedicated it to Atkins' memory. "I have had the privilege of personally knowing Dr. Atkins," Freedman wrote, "and it is indeed sad to lose a loved one..."[686] He wrote about the responsibility to "carry the torch and continue his vision."

This is the "prestigious"[687] "authoritative peer-reviewed journal"[688] that you boast published research supporting Atkins? A journal reportedly founded by one of your paid spokesmen?[689] The journal even featured a Commentary by Atkins' widow. Veronica Atkins admitted that her late husband never published anything in any peer reviewed medical journal but that she was "delighted to be able to say that I have now accomplished this on his behalf!"[690]

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